Mermaid Waves all the Way this Summer

Mermaid waves is here to stay but with a twist.

Mermaid waves have for long been a very beautiful and appreciated trend for that flawless beach look. 2021 however seems to take it to a whole another level. Zendaya completed killed the scene at the red carpet when we saw her sporting mermaid waves out there. So, this style has definitely made its ways out of the sandy beaches and onto the mainstream. The best part about this is that is super easy to do at home without mistreating your hair with galactic levels of heat. So, let’s get the steps down.


If your hair is long start out by parting them from the middle. Then make two low braids on either side. Make sure you leave the roots flat. Go to sleep this way or alternatively you could run the flat iron over your dry hair for that flawless and in trend undone wavy look. Keeping the roots flat is quintessential as it ensures less volume which completes the undone texture at the ends.


To take this to the next level you could jump onto another pretty hot trend right now. You could complete the look with a layer of high gloss which will add a sheen. Be sure to use a lightweight and non-greasy product for that realistic shine. The ones with the heat protecting feature will bland into the hair once you run your flat iron through.


Calling out to the curly haired friends out there: If you already sport a curly bunch up top and want the mermaid wave look here’s how you do it without too much effort or heat.


There are tons of methods out there on social media with varying beautiful results. Our favorite however is the one where you use the wave styler. For best results you should use a device with big tongues. This will give you the best bends for the mermaid waves. Prefer crimpers with a ceramic coating for hair protection. The larger barrels massively lower the need to twist, turn, wind or roll hair which in turn minimalizes damage. You will also need a few clips for curly hair. For best results we recommend clipping the hair exactly where you wish the bend to sit.

The last method is for the ones of you who don’t really feel like splurging on a new product right now. But it is equally effective. For this method you can use a common hair straightener. While curling just remember to curl your wrist away from your face so that the hair sits over the iron and not under. The smaller the ironing section, the curlier the hair comes out to be.



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