Don’t Let your Makeup run Rampant this Summer

Let your makeup be intact this summers.

Let’s start by admitting that we all have had that scenario when we have sent it with our makeup and just as we rush out the door we feel: our mascara melting off and settling under our eyes, our massively sweaty upper lip and hairline and also a mottled foundation all over our faces. Summer is definitely a great time to relax by the poolside with a martini in hand and friends all around. But we can’t really ignore the fly in the ointment with the warm summer air here. Well, there are a few obvious things we can do easily like use waterproof mascara at the beach. Luckily for you we got in touch with the most popular and relevant make up artists and came up with a few more things to help you with looking fab on the warmest and most humid of days. So, let’s get started.


1. Cleaning your eyelids before putting make up on: Summer make up routines tend to be a little more elaborate than others. So, this step involves you cleaning your eyelids before anything else. This is also a great thing for your face. Wiping your lids with micellar or spa water will ensure that the residual oil is wiped off. This is a surefire way to make sure your eyeshadow doesn’t develop creases throughout the day. After cleaning them up apply your concealer or primer and never forget to use sweatproof/long-wear products.


2. Translucent powder to the rescue: This may have you thinking like its an obvio step. But wait till we spill the beans. A general practice sees you put on the layer of powder after you are done with you make up routine. We talked to a few pros and they let us in on a secret. Applying it before and after your make up is the way to go if you want it to last longer on humid days. Way back in the day dancers and stage performers used this trick to make their make ups sweatproof. Apply the setting spray after the layer of powder. This will surely give you a lasting matte look.


3. Lip Scrubs all the way: Yup, you saw the trend here. A lip scrub before other products helps it last longer. But it also helps get rid of the flaky dead skin and helps hydrate your pout better. You don’t really need to buy a lip scrub; you can DIY using coconut/olive oil and sugar.


4. Lip Stain always wins: Warm humid days are an absolute no-no for super thick lipsticks. They will slide off immediately. The better way it staining your bare clean lips and sealing it with a lip balm if you deem necessary


5. Clean away sweat and oil the right way: We all know how to dab away bits of sweat and oil from our faces after makeup. Most of us generally use a translucent powder or the powder puff to dab it away. But a better way on summer days is using a bare piece of sponge soaked in cool water. Just press it against your skin and roll it over. This will not only rid you of the sweat but also refurbish the layer.

We hope these fab 5 tips will help you look stunning for longer on those warm days we have here. Go on and slay.



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