What Are the benefits for Salon Owners?

MySalonee App’s aim is to provide a superior experience for both users and salon owners. For salons of all levels and varieties, here are some of the many things in it for you!

• 24/7 mobile booking, allowing customers to find and book appointments at any time, from anywhere.

• Personalized salon profile page complete with detailed information – an instant and attractive presence in an online marketplace where users are browsing for salon just like yours.

• Lower administrative burden for staff so they can spend less time on the phone and more time meeting customer needs in the salon

• Verified customer reviews will help promote your salon, attract new business, and give loyal customers another channel to spread the good news!

• Automated SMS and email reminders to lower cancellations

Are you available in my Country?

MySalonee App is currently available in UAE. Let us know where you are and we’ll let you know when we can welcome you to the platform!

How do I sign up or register for more information?

If you are a business who offers beauty services– salons, spas, nails, massage, hair removal, tanning or skincare we want to hear from you! Head on over to our Salon Info page and fill out your contact details. A MySalonee representative will contact you. Or simply drop us an email on info@mysalonee.com

What is MySalonee App?

MySalonee App is a real-time salon booking network that brings together the availabilities of any beauty businesses that let users browse, book, and confirm appointments instantly from the comfort of their mobile Our vision is to create a marketplace that connects customers and salons, in a way that is simple, fast, and beneficial for everyone. For salons, MySalonee App provides an electronic booking channel that offers the benefits of being customer-focused and available around the clock. We empower you with an attractive online presence, help you reach new customers, improve back-end booking processes, and reduce cancellations, while you get on with running your business. Think of us as your 24-hour receptionist and marketer.

How does MySalonee App generate bookings for my salon?

Thousands of users search of salon appointments online each week – they might be new to the area or just looking for a change. MySalonee App aims to be the marketplace where salons go to book their salon appointments. As your marketing partner, we promote you to these thousands of consumers; the end result for you is more confirmed bookings.

How does MySalonee App help my existing customers?

MySalonee App would love to help make bookings for your regular and existing clients and customers! MySalonee App lets you give them new a convenient way to book, and help free up your time to look after them when they’re in the salon.

How does MySalonee App know what services we offer?

We understand that every salon is different, to help set up MySalonee App for your salon, a MySalonee App representative will spend time with you and your team to customize your salon profile and service offering and guide you through the setup process. This includes everything from services offered, price range, staff member details, opening hours etc. Customers will be able to select appointments from the specific services that you offer in the same way as they would by phone.

What happens if a consumer tries to book online and we are full?

If your salon is full at the requested time, MySalonee App will automatically offer the consumer alternative times and days.

Can we block out certain times or days?

Yes. The Online Appointment Calendar allows you to block out times or days where you don’t want to allow customers to book.

Do we need special equipment to use MySalonee App?

No. MySalonee App is a completely mobile system. All you need to do is participate in phone or Ipad with an internet connection. If you don’t have those, just let us know and we can easily help provide that for you. You can also access your salon account from home, the office, or anywhere around the world – wherever you have an internet connection!

How do cancellations and changes work?

Consumers will be provided a link in their confirmation notification allowing them to cancel or change their appointment online, and the salon will be notified in real-time through the MySalonee App Online Appointment Calendar and notifications if they have opted into this.

How does MySalonee App reduce cancellations and no-shows?

MySalonee App sends automated appointment reminders notifications to customers to remind them of their appointment with your salon. Experience in other industries has shown that reminder notifications significantly reduce no-show rates; they also mean that your staff members don’t need to spend their time calling customers to remind them of appointments, MySalonee App takes care of this for you!

Are there penalties for consumers who cancel or no-show?

Yes. As a salon, you can notify MySalonee App of no-shows through the Online Appointment Calendar. MySalonee App’s policy is that if a consumer no-show at any of our partner salons three times in a consecutive 12-month period that they will no longer be able to make appointments via the MySalonee App site.

How are MySalonee App reviews different from other websites?

MySalonee App only allows consumers who have booked through us and attended an appointment to leave a review. By allowing only real consumers to leave reviews, and leaving these reviews unedited, we ensure our reviews are the most informative and genuine in the market.

What should I do if I receive a negative review?

All businesses will receive negative reviews from time to time… whether on the MySalonee App or elsewhere. We suggest the following ways to deal with a negative review: 

  • Take the feedback on board. There’s usually some cause to a negative review, and you should view being able to capture this information from your consumers as a great way to improve your service offering and consumer experience.
  • Contact the consumer directly to resolve the differences. You will be able to locate their details on the Online Appointment Calendar or by finding the relevant confirmation notification.
  • Encourage other reviews. Help give other consumers a well-rounded view of your salon by reminding other consumers who have booked via MySalonee App about the opportunity to provide feedback.
  • MySalonee App filters our reviews for inexplicit and offensive language. Please contact our team if you come across any reviews that have not been correctly identified by our filter. MySalonee App has a commitment to giving both our salons and our consumers a positive experience. If your salon consistently receives negative reviews, we will contact you to discuss the reason and try and reach a resolution together. You may also be removed off the MySalonee App community.

Why are reviews important?

Reviews provide important transparency between your business and your customers – they help customers make informed decisions and paint a more detailed picture of your business. At MySalonee App we firmly believe in the importance of providing users with reviews so they can compare businesses and services and providing your business with the feedback you need to provide an even better customer experience.

Who has access to my salon account?

Your salon login is password protected and it is completely at your discretion who has access rights.

How can I receive the payment of provided services?

Through internet banking, Debit/ATM Card, Paypal and UPI's.

How long will it take to return the paid amount to my Visa card in case of cancellation?

6 - 7 business days are required to refund the amount.

What are the payment channels if I don’t have Visa card?

Can be done using internet banking, Debit/ATM Card, Paypal and UPI's.

How can I notify my customers or public about new promotions or products?

Through Banner Ads and featured listings (chargeable) Sending Emailers, SMS Alerts asking customers to avail discounts and deals when booked via MySalonee App (non-chargeable)

What are the steps to become a service provider on MySalonee platform?

Step by step registration process is given in the help section (FAQs on website), Explain step by step registration process (On call).

If I have multiple Saloon branches, can I segregate each through customer searching?

Nearest branch to the customer's location will show up in the search results.